Tom Bevill Lock and Dam and Visitor Center

How to get there:

1382 Lock & Dam Road
Pickensville, AL 35447

From Shark Tooth Creek, take a right out of the driveway and follow the signs once you get to Aliceville.
Otherwise, drive to Aliceville and follow the signs.

What to expect:
Hours are 9-5 in summer
8-4 in winter
huge dry-docked snagboat you can tour from top to bottom, going in the passages and seeing the sleeping, working and engine rooms.
Beautiful old 3-story house with tower that has been turned into a visitor center and gift shop.
Bathrooms/water fountain inside visitor center.

The kids played on this thing for over an hour and no one was ready to leave when they closed up for the night!

Ben sees something of interest!

Nests in the old pigeonholes of the ship

Huge paddlewheel, these things fascinate me!

View of boat from top of house

Staircase of Giddy Tummy

with the video presentation not working, Chan gave her own talk

We have the shark teeth to prove it!

Working out which types we found!

They have bonnets in the gift shop!