Canyon Mouth Park
How to get there:
Take I-59 to the Leesburg Exit. Do NOT take the first turn to the left that points the way, It is a longer drive, instead keep going on around past the turn to Cherokee Rock Village and keep an eye out for the next sign-about 3 miles on down the road. There is a sign at the turn and it is about 10 miles back to the left-hand turn (marked by another sign) to get to the Park.

OR take Hwy 35 through Ft. Payne up and over the mountain toward Little River Falls. Stop at the falls, it is a nice walk and of course a beautiful waterfall. From the falls parking lot, turn right and continue on 35 for 3-4 miles until you see Rips One Stop Grocery, directly across on your right is Hwy. 273. Turn right onto Hwy. 273 and follow 9-10 miles. There will be a sign pointing the turn to the Park. The road is slightly over a mile back to the Park entrance and there are a few roads that lead off of it, just stay to the right and you will get there.

A third way is to take the Canyon Rim Parkway at Little River Canyon. The first part of the drive, to Eberhart Point, is very nice, the second part, from the Point to the Park, is VERY winding, steep, road. Be sure of your brakes and suspension, the last drop before the Park is insanely steep.  Least-recommended route.

What to expect:
Minimal parking fee of $3 for day use or $10 for a season pass, picnic shelter and loads of tables, running water, bathrooms, nature trail and the most spectacular swimming hole in North Alabama. There is no 'beach'.

You can see straight to the bottom, making this spot a favorite for scuba divers to practice and for snorkeling.


The 'rapids' are a favorite for tubing and floating down.