Cathedral Caverns State Park
637 Cave Rd., Woodville, AL 35776

How to get there:

Cathedral Caverns is located in Grant off U.S. 72 and U.S. 431 between Scottsboro and Huntsville.
It really is easy to find, one of three parks in Alabama I can think of that has signs where you need them. From Huntsville, take 72 North toward Scottsboro and follow the signs. From Scottsboro, take 72 South toward Huntsville and follow the signs. The park is about 30 minutes from Scottsboro and 40 from Huntsville.

What to Expect:

There is a small play area at the park entrance as well as 2 picnic tables. At the cave entrance, there are more picnic tables (covered) and a really nice area to sit and wait for the tour to begin, buy a quick snack and bottle of water and use the restroom. There is no gift shop to browse in, but they have a display area for the few souvineers sold and you can request what you want at the ticket booth.
The ticket booth staff was very nice and they all went out of their way to be friendly and answer all of our questions. There was a very short delay getting our tour started and the staff kept us updated instead of letting us all sit and wonder. Best of all, they added another tour to the day just to accomodate the number of people that had shown up between the normally scheduled tours.

The cave is beautiful and holds several 'world records' that don't appear to actually be 'world' but it is safe to say 'state' without getting much flack. Either way, the cave is spectacular. Going underground and seeing the bones of the earth is always such an amazing experience.

The tour lasts around an hour and a half and covers 1.3 miles. It is stroller and wheelchair accessible, but there are some fairly steep hills here and there. It is not cramped anywhere, no 'fat man squeeze' or spaces that could give you the willies.