High Falls Park

How to get there: From US 231 in Guntersville, follow AL 227 East for 27 miles. Keep an eye out for the Buck's Pocket that-a-way sign and turn the opposite direction, staying on 227. Drive another mile and a half to CR 356, which will be a right turn. There is a small green sign at this point with an arrow. After another 1.5 miles, there will be another left turn onto a paved road, this also has a small green sign. Stay on the paved road, it curves around to the left and dead-ends at High Falls Park. The gates are locked from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. all winter and the bathrooms are locked all winter as well, even if the gates are open. In the summer, the gates stay open until 6 p.m.

What to Expect:
There are bathrooms (open in the summer), several covered picnic tables and a few scattered here and there. When you pull into the park, there is a parking area below the first picnic pavilion and a road that leads down off to the left of the parking lot that says "Restricted". Park and head down the road on foot-you can easily take a stroller or wagon as long as you don't mind that uphill part coming back. About half-way to the falls, there is a leveled-off play area and picnic area with views of the falls. There is a chain link fence across the lower play area keeping it safer for the little guys, though rocks and tree-roots and playgrounds don't mix. The drop is the least of your worries and you watch your child go sailing off the merry-go-round and into a tree. For the third time.

If you head on down the road to the water level, there is a wonderful little stream off to the left and a really cool walking bridge built on the pillars from the original covered bridge, built in the 1800's. If the water is low enough, you can walk right out to the edge of the waterfall and see the way the water shoots off the falls and goes through the natural bridge.

Swimming is allowed at your own risk and there is running water at the picnic area.


View from across the bridge and down along the opposite side

Natural Arch

Little stream at High Falls Park

High Falls from overlook

High Falls from below

Natural Arch

Between the falls and the arch