Shark Tooth Creek

How to get there:
Take I-65 South to I-59 East,
Exit 40 off I-59 (Eutaw/Aliceville)
Turn Right
Follow 14, make sure you stay on 14 in Clinton (5 miles from Interstate) there is a turn there.
From the turn at Clinton, drive 11 more miles, there will be catfish ponds on both sides of the road and the sign and turn for Shark Tooth Creek is on the right, take the first left to the picnic area (labeled).

What to expect:
$15 per person for the day.
You MUST contact the owner and have reservations.
They also offer camping at the pavillion and canoeing in the Sipsey River, less than 1/2 mile away.
Details at

Covered picnic pavillion
Bathrooms with showers
2 gas-powered built-in grills with sink
4 large picnic tables

Arrive at given time, short talk about history and the teeth.  Description of creek, how to find teeth, samples shown.
Load in to cattle trailer for hayride to creek (10-15 minutes away)
Security guard check-in and arrive at creek.
An hour + allowed for finding teeth.  90% shaded and water is shallow and clean.
Load back in to trailer, back to pavillion.
Sort teeth, awards (t-shirts) for longest/biggest/prettiest and most found (by weight).
Keep 15, the rest go on a tray and can be picked through if you want to trade.
Kids load into back of pick-up and head to Playworld at the top of the hill.  Parents follow in cars.

Playworld has: 2 story playhouse with fire pole, lookout tower, 150 foot sit-down zipline, slide into small pool, trampoline and swings, ladders, ropes, a bucking horse ride-on and shade.

Leave from there as ready.

Examples of teeth in the creek.
The area was once an island in a shallow prehistoric ocean.
There are thousands and thousands of teeth imbedded in the earth in the area, these wash out when it rains and literally litter the banks of the creek, our group of nearly 100 had NO trouble finding 30+ teeth each.