Tannehill State Park

Located near Bessemer/Tuscaloosa

As of 12-14 Admission is $3 per adult age 12 and up and $1 per child ages 6-11 5 and under free.

How to get there: From Birmingham, take I-59 South to Exit 100, there are signs to get you the rest of the way.

What to expect: There is so much to do at this park, you may want to bring your gear and stay a few days. We went on a day-trip specifically to hunt the Treasures of Tannehill Letterbox series, so what I have seen personally revolves around the hunt, but it was enough that I know we will be back.

As you drive in the gate is manned and you pay immediately and are given tickets-these will get you back in if you have to leave that day. There are various stores and shops and a restaurant is being built, but the most fodder you can get at the moment is hot dogs and ice cream, so pack a lunch.

There are bathrooms strewn around at good intervals, the museum is an interesting stop, there are many buildings of historical significance in the park, a small train ($2 RT $1.50 one way per person) and there are many hiking trails and a playground.

Inside the Alabama Steel and Iron Museum

Blast Furnaces-these were amazing

The slave trail, a one-mile trail that meets another mile and a half trail, making a loop at the blast furnaces

The playground. There is a smaller toddler play area below the larger 'tree fort'. This is safely away from traffic in a nice woody/shady area, but it is within 50 feet of a fairly sizeable stream.