Thompson Creek

How to get there:
33 south to Cranal Road (Sipsey Picnic turn)
Drive 10 miles to end of road, then turn right (that's CR 3434) and stay on that. It will turn to gravel and become FS 210. Kinlock Falls is on the right not long after it turns to gravel and just before the bridge.

FS 210 will end at FS 203, take a right there. In about 2 miles, there is a right turn (there was a sign here last time) onto FS 208/CR 3.  Take that.  In 4 miles, the road ends at a gated turn-around just past a bridge, park before the bridge.  The swimming area is upstream from the bridge about 100 yards, the hiking trail to Ship Rock and Eye of the Needle starts on the other side of the bridge and goes downstream.

What to expect:
No facilities, several miles from any gas or food, trail to swimming hole nearly overgrown in high summer.

Ship Rock

Eye of the Needle

Rock Shelter

Creek beyond Ship Rock

Swimming hole

Campsite above swimming hole

First group swim
The water is clear, just easily stirred up!
It's also COLD