Our first camping trip in the new pop-up!

We went to Cheaha State Park with Cathy and Kaitlin and Bobby, Gina, Britney and Cody joined us. 

The first day was quite chilly!  We were cold getting set up and making dinner, but got the little heaters going and were toasty in bed.  The breaker kept blowing, so the second night I ran a separate power cord and ran the heaters off that to bypass the camper breaker box.  Poor thing just can't run 2 lights, a toaster oven, laptop, 2 heaters and the fridge! 
Not all at once, anyway.  I'm just glad it's a breaker and not fuses or that would get old in a hurry.

The only other problem I ran into was when I tried to set up the water line to the sink, the hose I had brought from home was FULL of holes!  We laughed while the water went shooting in all different directions-mostly straight at Gina-then unhooked it and went about our trip with no sink.  I am still not sure I will even use it and I keep eyeing the room taking the sink out would create, but we went to Camping World just down in Oxford and bought a couple camper hoses for next time.  I ended up having to move the camper because the campground host I was camped near had 3 Great Pyrenees dogs that growled and barked at us every time we moved and the new site was not level near the water hook-up. 

Britney, Chandler, Kaitlin

Jake, Britney, Kaitlin, Chandler
Cody, Ben

Cheaha State Park

I have camped at Cheaha twice, once in a tent and once in the camper. 
While I was not impressed with the 'campground host' and his pack of dogs barking at everything they saw, I was pleased with the way the ranger handled things when we complained. 
The campgrounds both have a host and the lower campground is gated with a code, the upper is through the main park gate, so there is some secuirty.
There is no wi-fi, not even cell phone reception.
The lake has a playground and small beach, a platform to swim to.
The upper park has hiking, overlooks, another playground and the lodge, where you can eat blackberry cobbler while watching one of the best views of the sunset I have ever seen in Alabama.

This is a wonderful park, well worth the visit. I will be back to camp here.

Britney, Chan, Kaitlin


The second day, we got up and got going, the weather was crappy and chilly and we were all wondering what sort of drugs the weather people were taking and if we should just go home, but around noon the clouds blew off and it warmed up quite a bit!  We went up the hill and saw the views and came back down to camp. 

Bobby made a fire (using starter fluid (man fire) ) and the kids roasted marshmallows and Cathy and I went and looked at RV's for her so we did not have to worry that the kids would become brain damaged from eating lighter fluid-enhanced marshmallows.  No luck there, but I finally bought real wheel chocks at Camping World and came back and replaced my broken brick and chunk of wood that were serving as chocks for the time being.  I feel very coordinated and uptown with my nice matching yellow plastic wedges.  I just hope it does not go to my head! 

Matt came and joined us after work Wednesday night, so Cathy and Kaitlin moved to the hotel on the hill.

We picked up a spare kid the second night!

Thursday was another nice day and we had a hike to Devil's Den falls, a picnic at the lake-the kids swam-and then we all had fried pickles and dessert at the restaurant as we watched the sun set.  Everyone else left and we stayed one more night, driving home on Friday.


My little 'cold minor'


Braving the icy waters of Cheaha Lake.

Me, chilly and loving the view!

Matt uses the snazzy self-timer!  Bobby is bewildered by this fancy new technology.

Ben, Cody, Jake, Britney, Chan

The view of the valley, we were camped on the far side of that lake.

Worth the whole trip and the price ($5!)

My pooped pups!

It was a near-perfect trip.  The boys and I came on home with the camper and Chan and Matt picked up 6 new geocaches on the way back.