Day Three, Sunday
Mother's Day

Dave and Bobby had to head back to go to work, so we all got up and packed up that morning, sending them off with lots of waves and wishes for safe travels.
Cathy had Jake, Evan, Kaitlin, Emily, Chandler and Britney with her in her class C camper.
We had Gina, Cody, Matt, Ben and me in our van with the popper behind and Suzette had Michelle, Zachary and Amanda with her in her truck with her Lynx behind her.  Alison drove her boys in her van with her camping gear all packed up.

We drove to Amicolola Falls, each vehicle taking whatever way they chose and taking as long as they wanted to get there.
We stopped at a roadside stand-where everyone soon joined us, that was funny to look up in the middle of nowhere on a back road in Georgia and see people you know.
We passed Yonah Mountain and the Yonah Burger, which I did NOT get a picture of!

At the state park, we got up the hill to the campground-no small feat!-and got set up.  The campground was great!  The upper campsites were built into the side of the mountain and looked like small ships, the retaining walls were so high. 

Amicalola Falls State Park

The campground is at the very top of a long, steep road.  You have to check in at the lodge, there is a campground host, but they do not do any of the paperwork.  In addition to the camping fee, you have to pay for a park pass, which is good for 7 days.  I think campers should get a pass in with the camping fees myself.

The sites are set up on a loop, which is fairly steep on its own and the sites are not really easy to back into.  There is one pull-through site and it is designated for handicap campers, though they will allow you to use it if you HAVE to.  Suzette HAD to.

The single bathhouse was clean, but located at the bottom of the campground, so it was downhill for everyone but Suzette and the hosts.

I loved the campsite, but not the hike to the bathhouse-which was to be the theme for the whole trip.  The KOA did not put us near the bathhouse as I requested and Amicalola Falls had one bathhouse at the bottom of the hill and so did Keowee-Toxaway.  So we used Cathy's bathroom more often than not.

Her new camper is awesome.  14 years old but still quite nice-no fading or bad spots and the interior is turquoise with gold trim here and there, we called it the Luxurious Ladies Lounge as all 4 girls slept in her camper the whole trip and she had her two little girl dogs with her.  She has since renamed it 'Rome'.

Emily and Matt have a serious-looking chat through the drive-in window on the camper.

Jake must have won a hand...

After getting set up, we went to see the falls!

Cody saw this groundhog on the trail!

And Matt saw this snake.

Amicalola Falls is 729 feet high


The view from the top of the falls!

We stopped in at Suzette's camper on the way back in and chatted with them a few minutes. 
Emily was sporting an anti-gnat hat which worked well!  Alison made it for her from a picture in a magazine.

While I was standing there, something rolled past me on the camp pad.  It was Suzette!  Yes, she just fell flat out of her camper and headed downhill at a pretty good clip.

She was out for major hikes after that, but as you will see Tuesday, it did not slow her down too much!