Day Four, Monday

Suzette and I headed out for a little side-adventure for a better look at these flowers I had seen the night before.
Rhododendron the size of your hand!
We picked this bloom off the ground, not the bushes. : )

We opted to keep going to see the church that was on down the road-the long single-lane gravel road. 

They had a nice double outhouse for both sexes!

And this depiction of The Last Supper that I found delightful.

Suzette spotted lady slippers in bloom, I would have missed them!

We came across a rabid or otherwise ill raccoon on the road and that freaked us out somewhat.
And kept us stuck in the van while it loitered in the road.

Back at camp, we gathered the younger kids who missed the falls the day before and went over for a peek.

I spotted this truck in a tree!

And a snail.

After the falls, we loaded up to head out to our next campground!
We pretty much stayed in our camp groups, Jake would sleep in the camper at night and stay at Cathy's all day, Ben and Cody hung out with us for the most part.
So, we headed on out, each vehicle again taking their own route and time to get there.

We stopped at a chocolate shop!

And then detoured a little to see Helen, GA

The Alpine Village of Helen, GA

This is a nice place to drive through and be amused by the decor and then head on your way.  I would not pick it as a destination town for a vacation.  There are some nice waterfalls nearby and if you don't mind hiking in water and large crowds, there are 2 huge float companies active in the summer with very reasonable rates.

It is a pretty town, with the shallow river winding through and all the buildings done up in 'Alpine' style.  I was under the impression it was a 'sister city' to somewhere in Europe, or otherwise founded by actual Alpine descendants but in reality, the idea was cooked up just for the tourism aspect.


Cody loves haunted stuff, so we made a side trip to see the 'Haunted Helen' House.
We also passed a liquor store called Helen Cellar.  hehehe


We got to the camp and got all set up!