6 moms, 3 dads, 4 campers, 1 tent, 12 kids
5 states

Summer kick-off road trip and campout


We left the house early, having arranged for pig-sitting and pet checks via Gerri again, thanks Gerri and kids!
It poured rain most of the drive up, but we stopped at Fresh Market in Chattanooga anyway.  : )
Emily stayed with us the night before.

We got to the Tellico Plains KOA by 11 and Bobby and Gina were just finishing up the last of their set-up. 
We popped up the camper and arranged bedding and got the screen tent and awning up in record time. 
By noon we were all on the road heading to Bald River Falls, figuring since we knew what the weather was like (sunny and cleared off) right then, we might as well take advantage!


Bald River Falls
N 35° 19.481'
W 84° 10.670'

Parking area past the falls, walk back on bridge, watch for traffic.
Hiking trail at other end of parking area leads to the top of the falls and beyond.


The recent rains made the falls fuller than we have seen them before.

Jake, Cody, Ben, Britney, Chandler, Emily

Emily on Bald River Road, I guess she really missed that clean mountain air!


The Donely Cabin

We kept seeing groups of butterflies on the roadside

On the way up to Whigg Meadows

Whigg Meadows

N 35° 18.650'
W 84° 02.354'

One-lane road for 2-way traffic, be alert.

Park at the dead-end, walk up the hill for fantastiv views.  Walk down the hill on the other side and you will reach a small spring-fed pool, perfect for swims.


Whigg Meadows


We headed back to camp via the Skyway, stopping a couple times along the way.

Another view, Gina's picture.
This is our favorite bathroom on the Skyway because it's on the edge of the mountain and there is a breeze.  : )

By the time we got back to camp, everyone else had arrived and we all produced our dinner contributions for a delicious taco salad spread!