Day Six, Wednesday

Gina woke up thinking it was Tuesday and we all had a moment of silence for the too-fast passing of our trip.
We split into 2 group again, us, Gina, Cathy and the older kids to go see waterfalls with hikes involved and Suzette, Alison and Michelle went with the younger kids to some easier spots.

Twin Falls

See Chandler?

See her now?

We had lunch in Cathy's camper and went to see Station Creek Falls
Ben spotted a chorus of tiny baby frogs!


Oconee Historic Station

Back at camp, we were too tired even to make dinner, but I was not too tired to take a picture of our neighbors, they had an air conditioner and a tv in their tent!  hahaha!  I think we had it rougher in our pop-up, I don't have closets!