Day Two, Saturday

First stop was breakfast at Tellico Grains!
I had the blackberry almond turnover and Matt had quiche.
That bundle under my plate is a loaf of herb flatbread that was devoured at lunch.

Tellico Grains

We never come to Tellico without stopping at Tellico Grains.  They have the best herb flatbread and anything in the display case is well worth your time.

A favorite picnic combo for us is to stop at Sweetwater Valley Dairy to get cheese (adobo and roasted garlic pepper are our favorite) and jerky and then get bread and treats from Tellico Grains.  Then drive to Whigg Meadows or Hooper's Bald and enjoy life.

We had a couple extra kids with us.

Tellico Plains KOA

I have stayed here 5-6 times, all but this trip were in the kamping kabins.  I love the kabins, they are loads of fun. 
The open campground in the pouring rain, bathhouse at the far other side...not so much. 

Check the website for Hot Deals, the kamping experience is not worth full price, though the location is excellent.

This KOA has a pool and slide as well as the river you can float down.  There is a nice, small playground.  The campground is not gated.

I will be back for the kabins, but would not want to camp here again.


There is our little popper and Bobby and Gina's darling Scotty camper, we were neighbors in the muddy flats of the KOA.

The kids went off to swim and go down the slip-n-slide until the weather turned nasty and we all hid in our own campers until it blew over.  My welcome mat made a run for the river during one downpour.

After the rain-which was so hard it felt like someone had turned a fire hose on us and was so heavy our welcome mat actually floated around outside the camper (and we discovered a few leaky window seams!) we headed out with Bobby and Gina and our extra Emily to the fire tower outside Coker Creek, which was not a fire tower at all.  But they climbed it anyway and what a view!

N 35° 16.557'
W 84° 13.094'


This road was terrifying, having driven it and lived once, I seriously doubt I ever will again for the fact that anyone coming down is using the same road and it's NARROW with sheer drops.  I am not sure there would be any way to accomodate passing another vehicle.

That being said, I am glad we went up!  It was beautiful in every single direction.  We went up just after a heavy rain, probably the only reason we did not run into anyone coming down.


Bobby jumped off the roof, insuring his place in camp story legend for a while yet.


It was time to head back to camp for dinner, so we got back in our vehicles and made the long and winding trek back down the single-lane road, thankful for every mile that passed without encountering another car trying to come up.

Back at camp, Bobby made a nice fire and we had hot dogs and S'mores!

A rain came through briefly and left us a rainbow.
It also washed the roots out from under a tree across the road and we all watched the crash as it fell!

There are 9 people not in this picture, we had a big group!

Dave and Suzie, sittin' inna tree...