July 25th, 2009

We got up early and finished the last of the packing, loaded the van and hit the road by a little after 8.  We stopped for gas and to drop off Netflix returns at the post office in Baileyton and did not stop again until Scottsboro, where we decided to get breakfast.

Matt realized in the parking lot he did not put his backpack and camera bag in the van, so back we went to get them.  3 hours later, we were back in Scottsboro.  I was not a happy camper as mostly-I just wanted to be camping, not driving all day.

We stopped for gas and then a late lunch at Fazoli's in Ft. Oglethorpe, then headed right on to the state park.  We found everyone else and finally got a campsite, though in a different loop from the others.  It is packed, but most of the site reservation tags are only through tomorrow, so it should clear out.  Our campsite is actually on the side of a hill away from any other sites, our nearest neighbors will be leaving in the morning, so we are hoping Bobby and Gina will move over here to that site.  It's a back-in, so I know Suzette won't.

Everyone headed over here for dinner, though I did not eat, I was still stuffed from lunch!  It's not my fault they kept coming around with hot breadsticks...
We sat around and chatted while the kids slid down the dusty hillside over and over until there was a cloud following them all like so many Pigpens from Peanuts.  The party broke up and various plans were formed for shower time.  After some site cleaning-up and a little more unpacking and organizing, I headed off to shower myself.  I felt like a half-melted candle, the recent cool weather spoiled me rotten and today's 91 degrees nearly did me in! 

I did come up with new words though, Three Muskapudding, which is what happens when your 8 pack of candy bars meets a prolonged 91 degree day.  I also came up with Zacherthal and Neanderzach because Suzette's kid looked like he might have fallen off the mammoth train, he was so covered in dirt.

On the drive in, the sky was a very vivid blue, I guess because it has not been hot long enough to suck the color back out of it yet.  The state park, Fort Mountain, is on...a mountain.  It was quite the drive up with the camper!  It seemed like we went zigzag and up for half an hour to get here, I was feeling a bit green by the time we hit the overlooks near the top.

We got stopped by the police at the park entrance and they checked for license and insurance and for seat belt use.  We gave them the insurance card for the camper as well, can't say I am not cooperative!  : ) 

Our first glimpse of our new mountain home.

Fort Mountain State Park

70 campsites in 2 loops, LOADS of hiking, several nice overlooks, swim beach and canoe rentals, a nature could stay in the park and have a great vacation.

We really enjoyed our stay, our campsite (number 10) was tucked behind a hill in the smaller loop, just at the start of the campground loop trail.  The bathhouse was a bit of a walk, but I have resigned myself to that just being the case when we camp.  There were many pull-through sites, though we chose a back-in site.  Our site was under the trees, so the heavy rain later in the stay was not as bad as it could have been. 

In particular, I liked the various overlooks, you could drive to 2, one was a very short walk down a paved trail and the other was a nice brisk uphill hike.  It was, of course, the best one.  Maybe just because it was harder to reach.

I would camp here again.


View from the top

little white puffy anvils

Don't be fooled-these are albino children, the color you see is DIRT.