Our July camping trip to Fort Mountain State Park July 24-29th, Friday-Wednesday.

3 campers, 3 moms, 3 dads and 9 kids.

Matt and Esther
Jake, Chandler, Ben

Dave and Suzette
Emily and Zachary
and cousins
Jackson and Lily

Bobby and Gina
Britney and Cody


I worked on lists and plans for weeks before the trip. I love camping, in particular for multiple nights, because it's like a migration, like moving.  The house has to be made ready, animal care accounted for, groceries bought and mail stopped and all the theromostats set to use much less energy.  The camper has to be cleaned and stocked and folded down again.  There are times when I would like a hard-shell camper so I could just walk in and out of it and not have to crank and set poles in place just to get something I left in a cabinet.  But for the space at camp:haul weight ratio, I'll keep my popper.  It folds to a 7x9 box about chest-high with 2 wheels and weighs 1,000 pounds.  Popped up, it's 17 feet long with 3 storage cabinets, drawers, 3 counter tops, a fridge and 2 outlets with AC and heat. I took the sink out, I would rather have the space and nearly all campgrounds lack a sewer hook-up, so there was no way to use it without grey water issues.  There's no storage tank. 

On our May trip, we came right through this area, staying one night at Amicalola Falls state park and spending part of one day in Helen, GA.  My biggest regret that trip was my failure to obtain a photo of the Yonah Burger sign.  This trip is my chance to fix that. Yes, I am willing to drag whole other families off for days on end to get a photo of a sign that is likely online somewhere.  My insanity knows no rest.

The week before the trip, our friend Jacki came up and spent a week with us.  It was a wonderful visit, though a little lazily spent at times.  I don't mind she's a thousand miles away, it's the salt water and the passport requirements that make it so difficult to get together.  Still, I am thankful for the time we had and hope there will not be such a gap between future visits.

Day One of the July Trip