August 25-27, 2009

Camping with Cathy and Kaitlin in their camper, Rome.   Poppy is home awaiting a minor repair, but she has new tires! 

We had wanted to come back here after our brief visit last year over Memorial Day weekend, but knew it had to be both when it was hot and after school started back.  So, late August was the perfect choice.  Of course, it's been nearly chilly the last few days, but we decided not to be daunted by such matters! 


Blue Springs State Park

They claim free wi-fi and even give you the code to use it, but it is located in the tiny office, nowhere to park other than in the entrance road and I never could get connected.
No cell phone reception in park
Only a few sites with sewer option and they cost more, the bathhouse, which was clean but spider-infested, is at the top of a hill, some sites would be a long walk away. 

I did not really like the campground, there is a gate that must be opened and shut with each passing and that got old after the second time.  This gate is between the campground and the springs, so running back to the camper for a towel or a snack meant opening and shutting the gate twice each.
Some of the sites looked pretty bare and they all had an equal chance of fire ant beds.  The kids did like the playground in the campground and of course the springs made up for anything else.

The main gate is locked at night and there is a house, so no sneaking in or out of the park, which adds to security, a plus.

I would return here, the springs really are magical.

The bottom of the springs was sand and blue clay, when it got stirred up, it turned the water a smurfy blue for a few minutes.

NOT 72 degrees...that looks like what, 65?

We had the place to ourselves, which was good because we were noisy about the COLD water.

Ben is amazed with the tiny whirlpool made by the overflow pipe.

This pool is about 10 feet deep.

We tied our drinks in the mesh bag and floated them in the springs to keep them cool!

The girls are horrible at badminton

Chandler attempts the age-old badminton attack of yelling at the birdie!

There are names and initials scraped into the algae growing up the sides of both pools. 
I think the park could be REALLY nice if there was some work put in.  Better steps into the pools or doing something about the slickness on the current steps would be a great start.  Maybe some hand rails...

Also, something to snorkel around, like some rocks or a reef with lots of fish would be really cool.


Face plant!  That's what happens when you run with a blanket on your head...
And have a mother who will snap pictures first, triage later.

We headed back to the camper to eat and the kids played on the playground behind the camper for an hour or so while I flipped through 'Off the Beaten Path' for Alabama and read about the boll weevil statue in Enterprise-which according to Nuvi was 31 minutes away.  We loaded up for a field trip!