The statue is located at the intersection of College and Main Street in downtown Enterprise.

The original statue in 1919 was just the woman, made in Italy, she cost $1,800 sans fountain and weevil.  30 years LATER, it was decided the boll weevil monument should have a boll weevil in it.  Can you imagine this chick just standing there with her arms up for 30 years like "WTF?  What do I have to do with an agricultural pest anyhow?  I'm from Italy for crying out loud."  Now she looks as if she might hurl that bug right at your windshield as you fly past dodging pedestrians trying to get a look at her.

She was..marble? but in 1998, the weevil was ripped out of her hands, only her hands were not letting go, so the statue was damaged.  The weevil was found buried in a shallow grave.  I just...well anyway, it was found, but fixing her cost too much so she was replaced.  She is now a polymer resin*. And the original weevil is at the depot museum.  So what we dodged traffic at twilight for was a replica of the only monument erected in honor of an agricultural pest.


*What is Polymer-resin? (from kearns woodcraft)
In its simplest terms, it is a thick, 2-part, high-gloss resin which, when cured, is comparable to 6-8 coats of a high-gloss varnish. In essence, it is a hard "poly-ethelene" or "epoxy" (hard plastic), which is highly resistant to water, alchohol, some chemicals, and changing room temperatures, and will not fade or yellow (unless placed in direct sunlight over a long period of time( I added the emphasis here, because of personal irony issues)). Cleaning of the surface, when necessary, only requires normal cleaning with a light touch of mild soap and moderate rinsing with only a damp cloth of the area with clear water. Minor surface scratches can easily be removed by intense rubbing on the scratch itself to produce enough of heat-friction to, in essence, melt the surrounding surface's hard plastic area together.


I was totally thinking it would be JUST a big bug.  The kids were not impressed.  Twerps.
Also, it is located IN the road, you have to dodge traffic to get a picture head-on.  I walked from one corner to the statue and then across to the opposite corner from where I started.  I was afraid that was jaywalking.  But I got this picture:

You can't make this stuff up.

Enterprise City Cemetery
Main Street

On the way back, we passed this place and had to turn in.  We stayed until it was too dark to see.
Cathy and I both like cemeteries.  She likes the names, I like the stones.

Afterward, it was back to camp and into bed!


Day Two