We headed out after another wonderful Cathy-breakfast of sausage, eggs, honey biscuits and pancakes.

I remembered reading about Cahawba, the original capital of Alabama and how it was a ghost town now.  I had an article clipped and in my homeschool notebook, so we plugged it in our Nuvi's and headed out to a dead end 2.5 hours away.  It was pretty bad, Cathy got really turned around-we did have cell reception at least-and ended up heading toward home once she got out of the maze of red-dirt backroads-which took a while.  Ben and I (Jake and Chan were with Cathy in Rome) finally found it and the man at the visitor center was VERY nice and helpful and he came equipped with that Alabama accent you only find in Selma. 

Old Cahawba, Alabama's First Capital
Open daily 9-5

Stop by the visitor center for a map and more info than you can hold in your head.  Drive the streets of the old town, get out and walk around the 2 cemeteries and the old home places.  It's an interesting spot all covered in Spanish Moss and history.


The Cahaba and Alabama Rivers meet

We zipped through the old town ruins fairly quickly and lingered at the cemetery a while.
Well, I lingered.  Ben sighed a lot.

I wonder if this is a headstone or a memorial stone.
He and Ben were just 6 weeks apart in age when I found this.

The father died 4 days after the son.
He was 33.

We went back through Selma and finally got Cathy on the cell and she was headed to Bessemer, so I stopped in at the Selma Live Oaks Cemetery.  Every cemetery should have Spanish moss and weathered angels.  It was breathtaking-for me.  Ben was by this time wishing he had stayed in Rome with his siblings! 

I took every picture from inside the van while he napped on the backseat and I drove slowly up and down the sandy roads in the cemetery.

We FINALLY left after the rain kicked in and made our winding way north, stopping at Chic-Fil-A for late lunch and making it home to find Matt had met up with Cathy and had the other two, so it was a lovely reunion in that I did not have to unload the van alone. 
We are home again for a while.  Wanderlust is back under control...


These last 2 shots were taken in Grady, AL.  I have never been to a town where no one at all was outside in their yard or even driving the streets.  For the last 2 miles into and out of the town, we did not see anyone, even Ben mentioned it

There were no cars in any of the driveways, there was one car at the post office, but it appeared closed for lunch.

As we headed out of the town and back on our route a while, we passed a utility truck heading toward the town.  The driver and passenger craned around to stare at us.

It gave me the creeping willies!  It was way more ghosty than Cahawba!