Swimming again!
We had the whole place to ourselves again, too.

The girls try to catch fish.

The creek bottom made the water gold!

Chan is actually making a run for it after I said, yes, there could be leeches in the creek.
But it was pretty in the sunlight.

I don't know how to feel about this shot.  I look like a pointy-headed triangle in the reflection.

Ben balancing on the ledge around the pool.

The kids liked this spot, the water going through the tunnel sucked them against the wall, saving them the effort of treading water.

Everyone got to try out our new snorkel gear, including me.  My mask leaks...

Look it's me, I was on the trip! No, that's Jake.
This one, down here, in the green swimsuit.

That's right, I lolled around snapping self-portraits while my children were in 65 degree water that was well over their heads.
Cathy was watching them.

You would not believe what an ordeal it is to get Chan to look AT the camera.  I have nearly given up.


On the way back to the camper, we saw this Alabama Sasquatch:

The Alabama Sasquatch.
Other sightings recorded: none. 

This appears to be a very rare find, a nearly-hairless pale sasquatch wearing what appear to be navy colored shorts.

What strikes me most about this amazing photo is the amused-yet-feral look on the face of the creature. 

Also, it should be noted there was some effort made to cover the buttocks, but not the feet.

This is a young male of the species, not yet sporting a full pelt or fully jutting brow.  I place the age around 13-14, just after the start of adolecence.  There is some muscle mass beginning to show and the paunch of baby fat carried on the tummy is depleting, being made into fuel for rapid height expansion.


Back at the camper, we had heavy snackage and watched dvds until time for bed.