These can be used for writing practice or while going down the road in the car or on the trail:

Describe how to make your favorite sandwich.
What do you do to get ready for bed?
Describe your favorite room in the house.
Give directions from your house to a friend's house.
Interview a family member/friend.
Make up a recipe for a potion.
If you had a ship, what would you name it?
If you had three days notice to pack for a year on an island, what would you do and take with you?
What happened the day you met Bigfoot?
Pretend you are running a store. Make up an ad for help.
Where does Jack Frost go in the Spring?
What would you do with three wishes?
What would you do with a time machine?
You just found an egg. Decribe what it looks like and what will hatch out.
There is a secret panel in your room, what is behind it?
What would you put on a family flag?
While you are at the beach, something washes up on shore, what is it?
Describe a food from the future.
Colors just traded places, what does the world look like now?
Describe your last vacation in outer space.
If we moved to Mars, what would you most want to remember about Earth?
How would you use a tail?

Answer these as many ways as you have people
is lunch late
are you going to the doctor
are my feet wet
is the door locked
did she fall asleep so early
do you need money
can't you find your shoes
did a timer go off
is that guy so mad

Debates are also good ways to pass time as well as give critical thinking skills. Remember
to stay on-topic and use relevant information while debating. Otherwise, ramble freely!