Music is such a base part of life, if you think about it. From the time your kids were babies, they heard you sing to them or along with the radio, you may have slapped earphones on your belly in an attempt to boost their intelligence by playing classic music. They hear jiggles and hymns, patriotic songs and old folk favorites, and by 3, nearly every kid can sing Happy Birthday even if they can not pronounce it perfectly.

So, why have a specific time for music each week? Well, it gives you a chance to focus on different areas such as classical or folk and it gives you chance to learn a little more about the person that wrote the music and what their lives were like.

There are loads of sites on the web and plenty of books and even more videos about music, so I won't bother to repeat it all here, I mainly wanted to add a blurb about setting aside some time just for listening to 'new' music. You might be amazed what your child responds to.


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