Weekly Reading Themes to Keep You Going and Going
Use the following ideas to expand reading to include fun, research and adventure.

Watch: See a movie based on a book you have recently read and discuss the differences.

Music: Read about the birth of jazz and listen to jazz music.

Zzzzzz: Keep a dream journal and research themes to decode them.

Help!: Learn to tie knots using a book to guide you.

Cookin': Read and use a recipe. Make food and fun- also try making homemade play-dough, bubbles, oobleck, ect.

Travel: Read about another state and send off for brochures and information via the internet.

Food: Research and list the calorie and vitamin content of your meals for a week. For more fun, try to find the country of origin for each food.

Social Studies: Read about a community helper and then go see them in action.

Poetry: Learn to love haiku

Money: Think of something you need and research for the best deal you can find using the newspaper.

Elsewhere: Read about a typical school day in another country. Learn some words in their language and draw a picture of their flag.

Elsewhere: Where are Iceland and Greenland and how are they different?

Art: Read about an artist and copy their work/style.

Seasons: Read seasonal poetry and act out some of it.

Mmmm: Research cider and have a sip.

Money: Read about how money is made, how long a bill lasts and what counterfeiting is.

Legends: Read an old favorite and find a new one.

Birds: Bird watch, using books and sound, list all the birds you see and hear then graph them.

Signs: Read about sign language and learn your name and other words.

Elsewhere: Learn about Alaska or Hawaii

Food: Research and make popcorn

Fun: Read about Rube Goldburg and make a Rube Goldburg Machine.

Hmmm: Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?

Backyard: Read about ants.



Ka-boom: Read about volcanoes and make a diagram of one.

Zodiac: Research your family's zodiac signs and Chinese signs.

1,2,3: Learn to count to 20 in another language.

Winter Blues: Read about the beach, dress in beach clothes and eat ice cream.

New: Read about how another country celebrates an upcoming holiday and incorporate one of their traditions into your celebration.

You can't get there from here: Learn to read a map.

Design: Research and design a store or museum using features you like.

Think: What is your favorite thing to do? Read more about it.

Money: Make a grocery list, estimate the cost and then keep track on a trip to see how close you were.

Milk: Who was Louis Pasteur? Visit a local dairy or milk plant.

Obstacles: Read about challenges and problems that have been overcome.

Explore: Read about a local discovery and go see it.

Blooms: Read about the narcissus or of the flower of legend. Go find the real thing.

Slither: Read about a snake in an encyclopedia, a fiction book, and a guide book. Draw the snake when you visit it at the zoo or pet store. Discuss why snakes have a bad reputation.

More info: Look up the origins of the days of the week/months of the year/planets.

Race: Read about the Tour de France and the Iditarod. Plot the course on a map.

Family: Make a family tree, read about where you came from and record a family story in pictures, sound, video or write it out.

Up Close: Play with a microscope and read about its invention.

Food: Read about an edible wild food in your area. Can you find any? (ack-don't eat it unless your mama says it is okay!)

Sounds Like...: Play with automadapia

Food: How is soup made?

Owner's Manual: learn to change the oil in the car and how to change a tire

Flying High: Read about kites and follow directions to make your own.

Celebrity: Read about your favorite actor/athlete.

Snapshot: How do cameras work?

Birthstones: What is yours?

WHO?: Read about:
Lewis and Clark
Casey Jones
Robert Frost
James Madison
Vincent Van Gogh
Babe Ruth
Thomas Edison
LC Tiffany
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Franz Schubert
Washington Irving
Charlie Chaplin
WC Fields
SFB Morse
Sam Houston
Langston Hughes
Edgar Bergen
Paul Revere
Peter Roget
Ronald Amundsen
Antonio Stradivan
Dr.Joel Roberts Poinset
Claude Monet
Charles M Schultz
Christopher Columbus
Grandma Moses
Marie Curie
Noah Webster
Gustave Alexande Eiffel
Christopher Wren
Pablo Picasso
Buddy Holly
Stephen Foster
Florence Nightengale
Sally Ride
Agatha Christie
Duke of Windsor
JF Kennedy
Francis Scott Key
Anton van Leevwenhoek
Benjamin Banneker

WHAT? Read about:

The Great Chicago Fire
Hippocratic Oath
National Library System
nickelodeon (not the channel!)
Pied Piper of Hamlin
Mayan civilization
Spirit of St. Louis
hand gliding
rivers in your state
Cinco de Mayo
May Day
scuba diving
night vision
jigsaw puzzles
Indian summer
time zones
seeing eye dog
Underground Railroad