Questions to get you busy finding out more:

Checking out rocks under the UV lamp with Dad


Why do stars twinkle?
Where is the Great Red Spot?
How many manned moon landings have there been till now?
What is a Sun Dog?
What feature do Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus share?
Name the planets in order from Mercury to Pluto.


What did Jacques Cousteau invent?
What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek invent?
What did Willis H Carrier invent?
Who invented the Kodak camera?
Name three of Thomas Edison's inventions.
What invention in 1450 revolutionized world communication?
What does a seismograph do?


Where are the world's highest and lowest temperatures?
What measures wind speed?
What measures cloud direction and speed?
What is a hygrometer used for?
What clouds are thick and grey with no shape that bring rain or snow?
What is a ground-level cloud called?
What is a fulgerite?
What do photovoltaics do?
What is a tornado over water called?
Why does it rain?
How are rainbows made?
What is thunder?
Where does frost come from?
Why do the seasons change?


What is a saguaro?
What is the structure inside trees that keeps them straight?
What part of the leaf holds it to the branch?
What plant is linen made from?
Name a plant not grown from a seed.
What is the decaying matter in the woods called?
The plaintain is similar to what?

The Body:

What percentage of the human body is water?
What is the hardest surface in the body?
How many times a day does the heart circulate the body's blood?
How many gallons of blood are filtered by the kidneys in a day?
How many miles would the body's blood vessels measure laid end-to-end?
What substance makes up fingernails?
What is the average number of hairs on the head?


What is the white of an egg?
What are the four basic tastes the taste buds are receptive to?
Is yeast a plant of animal?
What vitamin is good for the eyes?


What is the most abundant organic material on Earth?
What rock floats?
Why is the sky blue?
What rock is a natural magnet?
What is fool's gold?
What mineral is used in pencils?
What formations hang from cave roofs?
Name the 3 sections that make up the Earth.
How does a volcano erupt?

General Trivia:

How many letters in the alphabet are identical to their mirror images?
Dry ice is the frozen form of what gas?
What poisonous gas is emitted by vehicles?
What part of sunlight can not be seen?
Nuclear energy is realized when what is split?
How much pressure does air exact on your skin?
What is the speed of light?
What happens to the trash from your house?

How many bits of information can the brain store?
Wt what temperature do diamonds burn?
How many expressions is the human face capable of making?
How long do red blood cells live?