Scientific Field Trips:

Rock Quarry:
Observe: the layers-learn how the Earth's surface has changed over time. Look for changes in climate and terrain.
Hunt for fossils
Machinery: discuss the design and function and safety features of the machines used to dig for rock.
Use: talk about how materials from the quarry are used and marketed.

Local Woods:
Seasonal: watch how an area and the plants and animals change with each season.
Observe: relationships between plants, animals, moisture, temperature, sunlight and shadow.

Burned Area:
Cause and Effect: plants and animals-what happened to them?
Observe: Over seasons the stages of regrowth
Discuss: Fire prevention and erosion

Discuss: Erosion and prevention, how plants and animals grow together
Observe: Root length in various areas of the field, leaf arrangement and texture, insects present-are they good or bad?

New Construction:
Observe: How wires and plumbing are installed, how the building is insulated, the different materials used, how sewage is removed.

Discover: How trees are selected, which wood is more valuable, how young trees are cared for, how lumber is cut and cured
Observe: a clear-cut area and a selective cut area.
Machinery: talk about the ways different machines are used in making lumber

Observe: adaptations of plants and animals, seasonal changes.

Discuss: Preserving and storing food, animal care, machine use and accident prevention

Discover: How bees are cared for, how they survive the winter how bees help man
Observe: How a hive is constructed, how bees are social insects

A Tree:
Observe: seasonal changes, the tree as a mini-habitat