Science on the Go


In the car:

Have your child describe life as a drop of rain.

Talk about adaptation:
Start with the characteristics of some different habitats: desert, fields forest, tundra, wetland, ocean, seashore, swamp, marsh, river, mountain, rainforest, ect.
Discuss how habitat affects clothing, shelter, transportation, agriculture, industry for humans and life cycles and needs of animals living there.

Talk about the ways the sun affects nature.

Keep a cloud chart in your car. You can also print some sketch squares to make quick drawings to go with the charts.

How is a river different from a lake or an ocean?

List all the science-related jobs you can think of.

Look around for signs of wind and water erosion and any measures taken to stop the erosion.

Imagine the power would be out for 2 full days. What would the best and worst things be?


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