Blue Springs State Park

How to get there:
The park is located just outside Clio, about an hour south of Montgomery.
231 to Troy, then to Brundidge, and follow the signs.
2595 Hwy. 10
Clio, AL 36017
Open 8-7 Memorial-Labor Day
8-5 the rest of the year

What to Expect:
Entry fee of $3 per person over the age of 6, honor box/attendant.
Ample parking, few picnic tables, some shaded
Bathrooms close to pools
Spring-fed pools, the first one is very deep in the middle, at least 8 feet or so, with a ledge 3/4 around that is only knee deep.
The lower pool is about 4 feet deep at the deepest and both have small schools of tiny fish darting around.  Each are about 60 feet across and circular with a small arched opening connecting them, this arch stays full of children.
There is also a large pipe below water level that feeds the lower pool, it makes a tiny whirlpool on the surface that is facinating.
The water is a constant 68 degrees, flowing at 3600 gallons an minute, constantly cleaning itself and dumping out into a small creek and flowing away through the park.

Kids (and adults) jump like fleas off the dividing wall into either pool.

They offer inexpensive (around $12 for electric and water) camping and a large fishing pond that is closed on Monday and Tuesday. There is a sand volleyball court and not much else.

Below the pools

Across the lower pool
It just looks like that lady is trying to drown her kid. 

Across the upper pool, see Chan hanging on the wall about the middle of the other side?  It's a big pool!

Huddled together for warmth


The ledge in the upper pool.


Yeah, that last 'step' to the bottom of the pool is about 4 feet.  QUITE the shock.

The water is 6 feet deep here, it is crystal clear.

My one attempt at an artsy shot.

There are veins of blue clay all through the creek and in the pools.  It is lovely to play with!

As "Northerners" here in Alabama, seeing the Spanish moss on the trees 'down south' is always a thrill.

The Drive Home